Time of Remembrance

Robert F. Kelly




Sanford, NC

Date of Death:


Incident Location:

Sanford, NC

Military Branch:

United States Army




Executive Officer of Alpha Battery 1-7 ADA

Unit Base:

Fort Bragg, NC

1LT Robert F. Kelly passed away April 13, 2014 following an automobile accident. He was born in Contra Costa County, CA on March 26, 1990. Bob graduated in the first graduating class of Southern Lee High School in Sanford serving in their ROTC program. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Campbell University graduating Cum Laude. He was remarkable in the martial arts. He held a double black belt and taught himself ten additional forms of martial arts. He also taught martial arts at G-Force Academy in Sanford. In addition to his martial arts, Bob knew multiple foreign languages and was an artist, writer and musician.
Bob’s Army career allowed him to serve in Korea and he was currently the Executive Officer of Alpha Battery 1-7 ADA in Fort Bragg.