Time of Remembrance

Richard J. Henkes II




Woodburn, Or.

Date of Death:


Incident Location:

Mosul, Iraq

Military Branch:





2nd Platoon, Charlies Company, 2/3 Infantry, Stryker Brigade

Unit Base:

Fort Lewis, WA

Sports were Richard’s life. He was already a near straight A student but he had yet to meet his goals in sports. He didn’t want to be the best but wanted to be the best he could be. He was into wrestling, soccer, basketball, track and cross country. His track and cross country coach always advised it was not winning that counted but doing better than he did the time before, said his mother . It helped him to win many awards and bypass previous records. He loved to run and was on the cross country team and the track team. He participated in many marathons. He also played the trombone at Clacamas High School, in the marching band and the Jazz band.