Time of Remembrance

Michael T. Boswell




Newport, WA

Date of Death:


Incident Location:

Beaufort, S.C.

Military Branch:





Stingers from Mals-31

Unit Base:

Beaufort, South Carolina

Michael’s the greatest son, brother, uncle and friend. He always made us laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. Michael is the bravest person we know because he was never afraid to do the right thing, as well as inspire others to do the same. He loved the Navy and was very proud to be affiliated with the Marines. We’ve been told that Michael wore a marines uniform better than most Marines, and he was a sailor. He was committed to his country and felt great honor as he upheld the code of ethics. My son left home a boy and returned to us as a great man.

We love you more than anything. Miss you more than anything. Always remember that you are the fastest, strongest, smartest and bravest sailor the United States Navy has ever had. All our love!