Time of Remembrance

Michael D. Wolffe




Beaverton Oregon

Date of Death:


Incident Location:

Ft. Hood, Texas

Military Branch:





B Co. 1st Batl, 12th Inf. 4th Inf. Div.

Unit Base:

Fort Hood

Mikey was like sunshine, he lit up any room he entered.
No one was a stranger when Mike was around. Mike started playing the guitar at 14 and quickly mastered it as if he had been playing for years.
He was tall and strong with a loving and gentle heart. I thought he was invincible, but 03/07/05 our lives were crushed with the unbelievable news the Army brought to us.
He joined the Army to due his part to serve his country.
Mike had made plans to join the Police Force when his time with the Army was complete.
Our family has been incomplete since his death. Every day his presence is missed and each family get together reminds us of our loss. We know Mike would want us to carry on and celebrate the life we have, but that is difficult. He was an only son with two sisters and we all know there could never be another like him with his unique since of caring, loving and happy spirit. I am forever grateful for the 19 years he blessed my life personally as his mother and our families life with so many wonderful memories. He meant different things to each of us and we all grieve in so many different ways as the loss of his life is so different to each of us. As a mother I could never have been more proud of the man he had become and also of the wonderful and caring human being he strove to be each day.