Time of Remembrance

Joshua R. Givens




Kennewick, WA

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Joshua was a strong patriot that loved his country. Josh begged his mother to sign a release in order for him to join the Army Reserve while he was a junior in H.S.

He was an obsessive fisherman and sports fan. He was a connoisseur of fine (and not so fine) beer. Josh loved to cook, garden, moon, prank and did all very well. Josh loved to play games with family, but he was a sore loser. He loved family and friends (almost as much as his big red truck!).

17/05/2014 Mom "MJ"
Dear Josh,
There is not a day that goes by that we do not talk about you or think about you. Your two nephews even feel your presence and talk about visions they see that can only be you watching over them. No one can take our memories and no one can have our feelings. We love you and miss you. Mom "mj"

20/01/2011 Mommy
I miss you today and every day. So many things remind me of you. Love you with everything in me.

27/03/2010 Mom "MJ"
Dear Josh,
I thought about you today as my rose bush on the deck is growing new leafs and getting ready to blossom. I remember when you planted it for me and babied it until you knew it would grow. Shayla is happy and having a baby girl. We all know that you will be her gaurdian angel. Her name will be Angelyka Klare. I miss you and think about you a lot. Love Mom "MJ"

31/12/2009 Mom "MJ"
Dear Josh,
Today we celebrated the end of 2009 and Klayden's (your little buddy) sixth birthday.You would have loved his "It's my birthday" dance. It is very much like your "I win, I win, I win" dance. Even though he was only 4 when you went to be with jesus, he kept your spirit of the game and party in his stlye. You would be proud of him. He is smart and always pays attention to detail, much like you. thank you for being a positive inflence on him. Keep on being his guardian angel. I miss you and cherish the memories. Love Mom "MJ"