Time of Remembrance

Jason L. Heiple




Selah, WA

Date of Death:


Incident Location:

Selah, WA

Military Branch:





53d Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company Yakima Firing Center

Unit Base:


Jason was born March 29, 1982 and spent his early years growing up on a ranch with his parents, Ed and Barbara Heiple and grandparents, Robert and Viola Heiple. He attended school in the John Day area and enjoyed band, football and wrestling. Upon receiving his diploma he enlisted in the Army and graduated in the top of his class in E.O.D. training and rose to the rank of Sergeant.

3/11/2014 Virginia Cook Steward
For the good ones life never last long enough ////// now your a warrior for our Father in heaven and watching and protecting your loved ones without tears now ///// I go believe in the keepers of the gates — so sing your songs and protect all you know and peace out!!! Thankyou for fighting the good fight! The one for your country and esp. For your brothers and sisters and family of arms —- protect sis and the rest of your family and I pray peace and mercy for all of your family– thanks for being a Vet!!!! Not many have the guts to do what you were born to do