Time of Remembrance

Dale G. Brehem




Turlock, CA

Date of Death:


Incident Location:

Ar Ramadi, Iraq

Military Branch:





2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

Unit Base:

Fort Lewis, WA

Brehm attended Turlock Christian Elementary School and spent several years at Turlock High. His interest in the military began in his teen years. With his father's encouragement, he joined the Army after graduation. “I encouraged him because it could make him excel,” Bill Brehm said. “The Army really transformed him. He was good to the Army, and the Army was good to him.”On September 10, 2001, he called his father to tell him he accomplished his goal of becoming an Army Ranger - elite soldiers that make up the military's special forces. “Being a Ranger was his dream,” Bill Brehm said. “He would want to be remembered as a good Ranger. He would be extremely proud of that, being remembered for doing a good job. When you have a dream and you conquer it, what else is there?”
Brehm's unit was sent to the Middle East a number of times. His parents knew little about his experiences overseas, but remained proud of their son. “He was very private about his military experiences. It was all so secret, and he didn't want to worry us,” said Linda Brehm. Sgt. Brehm was a jumpmaster, a soldier who has received special training for jumping out of airplanes and helicopters during combat. “He said there was nothing better than being in a plane and watching the ground go by. He loved the rush,” Bill Brehm said. Brehm's faith kept any fears at bay. “He was at peace in his heart. He said if his time came, it was God's will. He was never scared,” his father said.