Time of Remembrance


22 Crews

22 Crews is an online t-shirt shop featuring designs supporting our soldiers by design, by statement, and by donation. https://www.22crews.com

Washington Fallen Hero Banner Project

A Gold Star Mother, Kim Cole, started this project in 2009 honoring fallen soldiers from Washington State that have lost their life in the Global War on Terrorism. These banners, forever memorializing the loved ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice to America, are being carried in parades and displayed at appropriate venues.

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March for the Fallen

September 2017.     It is an “out and back” course. Opening ceremonies will start at 8:00 am.  The main event will be a non-competitive march/walk to honor the fallen that will be open to everyone.

Each participant will receive a T-shirt and a commemorative “dog tag” for the event.

In addition to the non-competitive march/walk there will also be three competitive events. The first will be an individual “ruck march” where individual competitors will be required to carry a 35-pound ruck sack.

The second competitive event will be a squad-based competition where teams of up to 8 people will participate in a ruck march as a group. Each competitor will be required to carry a 35-pound ruck sack and the team will be timed based on when the last individual crosses the finish line.

The third competitive event will be a platoon-based competition with teams of at least 15 participate in the ruck march as a group. Like the squad competition, each competitor will be required to carry a 35-pound ruck sack and the team will be timed based on when the last individual in the platoon crosses the finish line.

Wreaths across America

Our mission, Remember, Honor, Teach, is carried out in part by coordinating wreath laying ceremonies a specified Saturday in December at Arlington, as well as veterans’ cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond. We also organize a week of events including international veteran’s tributes, ceremonies at State Houses and a week-long “Veteran’s Parade” between Maine and Virginia where we stop along the way to spread our message about the importance of remembering our fallen heroes, honoring those who serve, and teaching our children about the sacrifices made by veterans and their families to preserve our freedoms.



TAPS welcomes anyone who is grieving the death of someone who died while serving in the military – regardless of where they died or how they died. If you are hurting, we are here for you. We are so sorry for the loss of your loved one.

We know that military loss can feel very different, from other types of loss in your life. There is a public meaning often assigned to the death. You may have questions about the death, feelings you aren’t sure how to process.

We began as a group of bereaved military families who lost their loved ones in a military plane crash in Alaska in 1992. Those families found comfort, connection and hope in talking with each other as they rebuilt their lives. After undertaking a two year study of support services available for bereaved military families, Bonnie Carroll founded TAPS in 1994 and modeled it on best practices found in peer-based support programs. We provide a safe and confidential program that supports people who are grieving.


As citizens of the United States of America, we are forever indebted to the men and women who so unselfishly protect our freedoms. It is our objective to communicate through ASC to the children left behind that the memory of their parent will not fade away. We want them to know that there are many Americans that are forever grateful for their parent’s sacrifice.

With humbleness of heart we aim to honor the memory of the parent by giving a meaningful gift to his/her children on their birthday. Christian Golczynski was the first child to receive a gift from ASC, and our goal is to reach every soldier’s child, adopting them into the foundation until they are of adult age. We cannot substitute the bond and love of the parent that is forever gone, but with your help we can show them that we really do care.




To Establish a Tangible National Symbol of Gratitude as a Visible Public Reminder to all Americans; Perpetually Recognizing the Sacrifice of
Our Military Fallen Heroes and Their Families.

American Gold Star Mothers Inc.

Welcome to the Washington State Gold Star Mothers.

We come from different backgrounds, different likes, different dislikes, different cultures, and different faiths. We all have one thing in common – we are all Gold Star Mothers. Our mission is to support Veterans, Military Families and Each Other. We want to keep our children’s names and memories alive, even though they are no longer with us on earth.

Gold Star Wives of America

Local chapters carry our programs of service to their members and communities and are the “back bone” of Gold Star Wives.  The work and policies of the organization have their beginnings at the Chapter level.  Members-at-large living in communities where no active chapter exists are kept informed through Region and National Newsletters.

Fallen Heroes Project

Michael G. Reagan Portrait Foundation

“Our mission is to honor the American Fallen Heroes for their ultimate sacrifice during the war against terrorism. The foundation will provide the resources to produce and distribute to each family a hand-drawn portrait of their Fallen Hero, created by artist Michael G. Reagan, free of charge. Each portrait is intended to show our Love and Respect for these Heroes and their families.”